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16.Can You Keep A Secret?

This is a great baby shower icebreaker for small or large groups. It is also a great way to encourage folks to respond promptly to your RSVP. What you need to do is ask each guest to e-mail you with one little-known fact about themselves prior to the day of the shower. Some folks will have traveled to exotic locations, others might play an instrument in a local rock group, still others are poetical. Everyone has done at least one interesting, or slightly out- of-the-ordinary thing. Get them to tell you about it.

Once you have received the secrets, prepare a document with all of them written out. Add a blank space next to each secret for the owner's name. Be sure to print out enough sheets. When folks arrive for your baby shower hand them a blank copy. Guests must mingle and try to figure out which secret belongs to whom. They should do this by asking questions and trying to get a good sense of each person at the party.

The one rule of this game is that – No one may confess their secret outright! This encourages guests to get to know each other a little. Later during the party have the guests reveal their secrets. The person with the most correct answers wins.


17. Tied in Knots:

This is truly a hilarious baby shower game that will melt even the toughest exterior – a terrific ice breaker!

To begin, get your guests into a circle – everyone facing each other. Next, have everyone move closer, shoulder to shoulder and close their eyes. When all eyes are closed ask everyone to carefully reach out and clasp hands, each person should be holding hands with others in the circle. As the hostess check that each hand is joined to only one other hand, and that everyone has hands from two different people. When you are satisfied (with a little rearranging if necessary), ask the group to open their eyes and start un-tangling the human knot without letting go hands.

Remarkably the group will untangle into a perfect circle, with perhaps a break-away smaller circle. After you are done, get everyone to clap and congratulate themselves for a job well done.

Caution – this baby shower game can be rather physical. You want to make sure that folks are warned to be properly dressed, and are physically able to take part.


18. Is a Rose a Rose?

This is a wonderful ice breaker baby shower game for both small and larger parties. To prepare for this baby shower game collect 5-10 baby items. Try to select a wide range of items from baby food, to diaper rash formula, etc.

To play the game each person is encouraged to come up with an alternative use for each item. Be prepared for whacky and outrageous responses! Have your guests tell something about themselves in addition to giving their answers for the baby items. This allows people to get to know each other better.


19. Shoe Pile:

A great way for your guests to meet others at the baby shower is the "Shoe Pile" game. To play this game everyone takes off one of their shoes and throws it into a big pile. Everyone picks out a shoe that isn't their own and mingles around to find the person it belongs to. This is a really good icebreaker game for large groups!


20. Person Scavenger Hunt Bingo:

For this baby shower game, instead of creating a Bingo board with numbers or words, you will create a Bingo board of things anybody could have done or might have in their possession. For example one of the squares might read "Find a person with a twin sister", another might read, "Find someone wearing their hair in a ponytail", etc. Give each guest a copy of the Bingo board when they first arrive. Have guests mingle and find people who match any of the detail on the squares. If a player does find someone who matches a detail, then the matching person must sign their name in that square.

There are a couple of rules for this baby shower game. First Rule – a guest cannot sign his or her own Bingo board. And Second Rule – a guest can have any one person sign his or her Bingo board no more than once. Give guests a time limit. The winner is the first person to get a row of names signed across, up and down, or diagonally. A super fun baby shower game!


21. No Words Allowed:

This is a really quick way to get people mingling at the baby shower. Once guests have arrived, quickly divide everyone into two groups. Give the members in each group a number. For instance, if there are 20 people at the party you will have 2 teams of ten people. Give each member of the first group a number between 1 and 10. You will do likewise with the second group. Everyone receives a number on a slip of paper that they cannot show to anyone else. The challenge is to see which group can arrange themselves in numerical order without speaking or holding up fingers. The first group to arrange itself into numerical order wins.

The second round is more challenging. The group then has to arrange itself in alphabetical order using everyone's first name. Speaking is still not allowed. The group to complete the task first wins.


22. Lie Between Two Truths:

This really simple baby shower game is a simple yet effective icebreaker that gets everyone familiar with each other. Have each person write 2 things about themselves that are true. They might write little known facts or interesting things that they have accomplished in their lives. Then instruct everyone to write a lie about themselves that sounds as if it might be true. Next, have everyone number their truths and lie in random order. They will pass these papers to the host who will introduce each guest and read their truths and lies in random order, and the group will have to guess which fact is the lie.


23. The Big Bopper:

This is a great baby shower game for somewhat familiar groups, or just as an icebreaker to loosen people up and getting them laughing during the party. First, give your guests a brief time to mingle and learn each other's names. Next, have your guests form a circle (or sit around the living room). One guest is designated as the "It" and stands in the center of the room. The "It" person will wield a soft "Bopper" of some sort. Examples of good boppers are: a rolled up towel, or perhaps a Nerf bat.

The "It" person starts the game by calling out a seated person's name. That person must call another name before the "It" can bop them on the knee. The object of the game is for the seated player to quickly recall and call out another guest's name before being "bopped" on the knee. If the seated player does not call out a name fast enough and the "It" bops them on the knee, then he or she become "It". This baby shower game is full of great, silly fun.


24. The Name Memory Game:

This is a classic icebreaker that adapts wonderfully to baby showers. First go around in a circle. Have the first person say her name and what her favorite pregnant food is. If the guest is male or has never been pregnant, then have them say what their favorite pregnant food would be (makes for a lot of laughs with the guys). The second person in the circle says her name and pregnant food, and also repeats the first person's name and pregnant food. The third person does likewise, repeating the first two people's names and pregnant foods, and then adding her own. This continues on all the way around the circle. The folks at the end of the circle may struggle somewhat, but they can elicit help from the rest of the group!


25. Timer Tell All:

This baby shower game offers a great way to record special memories for your parents-to-be.

Set a timer to go off every 10 or 15 minutes during the party. Designate several taboo actions. An example of a good taboo action might be: holding a dessert, or sitting on a specific couch, etc. When the timer sounds call out "FREEZE!". Have the person (or people) who is caught doing the pre-designated action give a bit of advice or tell a special memory about the parents-to-be. To record these well-wishes you can set up a video recorder in one corner of the room. Send folks to the video camera as they are caught doing the taboo actions to record their advice! Whoever didn't get a chance to record something throughout the party can do so before the party's end. The video makes a very special memento for the parents-to-be and their new baby.


26. The M&M Game:

This baby shower game is a really simple way to break the ice at your next shower. Once everyone has arrived pass around a bag of M&M’s and have each person take as many as they think will "get the job done". Instruct your guests not to eat the M&M’s right away. You might want to provide each guest with a small paper cup to hold their M&M’s. Tell your guests that for each M&M they have taken, they have to tell the group something about themselves, or give a well-wish the to parents-to-be.


27. I Have Never:

What agreat baby shower game to get your guests to open up somewhat at the shower!

Have everyone sit in a circle except one person. That one person stands in the center of the circle and tells the group something they have never done. Next, all the guests who have never done that activity either have to get up and find an empty seat – one of the seats recently vacated. The last person left standing is now in the center of the circle and has to mention something she has never done. This game doesn’t really have an end, just play until folks are having fun and getting into the spirit of your party.


28. Animal Charades:

This baby shower game gets folks to interact with others they may not know that well. To play, divide your guests into groups of three - make sure you put people together who may not know each other. Each group is given the name of an animal. As a team they must come up with a way to act out that animal. Then each group presents their demonstration to the group, who then has to guess what animal it is. I really like this game for larger baby showers. However, if you are hosting a smaller baby shower, I recommend pairing your guests into groups of two.

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