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This baby shower game is a classic game with a slight twist. To prepare for this game assemble a tray with 10 to 15 baby items on it. You might have a baby food jar, a rattle, a teething ring, diaper rash formula, etc. Ideally, these items should be new and left in the wrapper, because they will go with the guest of honor once the party is over. Make sure they are relatively small items so that they will fit on your tray. Drape the items with a handkerchief, once you have all the items assembled.

To play the baby shower game, you will have the guest of honor walk around the room with the uncovered tray twice so that everyone can get a good look at the contents. Instruct everyone to pay particular attention to the items on the tray. Next, have the mom-to-be leave the room with the tray. Then with a big smile, ask everyone to describe in detail what the mom-to-be is wearing!... a little tricky since they were all concentrating so hard on the tray. The guest that can describe mom-to-be with the most detail wins a party favor. Hint: Mom should win a little something too for carrying the tray around.

To play the game with classic rules have the guests list the items on the tray, once the mom-to-be leaves the room… The guest who lists the most items correctly wins a party favor. Again give new mommy a little something for her efforts as well!



Candy Bar Poopie:

This baby shower game is a little gross, but soooo much fun, nonetheless. To prepare for this game you will need 10 small disposable diapers. Next, unwrap and crush 10 different candy bars. Place a crushed candy bar into each diaper, and microwave for 20 seconds. Write a number on each diaper. Record which candy bar went into which numbered diaper. To play the game, pass around each diaper. The guests will inspect the candy bar "poopie" in each diaper, and attempt to guess which candy bar it is. Make sure that everyone has a paper and pencil for recording their answers. The guest that guesses the most candy bars correctly wins a party favor… Have a great time with this game!


3. Household Item Guesser:

This is a fun baby shower game. To prepare get 10-12 or so empty baby food jars, remove the labels, and number each one. Next, you fill each jar with a white powdery substance from around the house…. Examples are: sugar, salt, baking soda, cream of tartar, powdered milk, powdered baby formula, laundry soap, etc. Cap the jars tightly. To play the game the guests will try to guess as many of the powdery substances correctly without opening, smelling or tasting the substance. The guest with the most correct guesses wins... A classic, yet truly awesome baby shower game!


4. Toilet Tissue Guesser:

A nice variation on this baby shower game would be to simply have your guests tear off as much toilet tissue as it "takes to get the job done"… But you won’t tell them what job they are doing until the end of the party. Record the number of squares they tore off on a poster board. At the party’s end make a big "to do" about announcing that the number of toilet tissue squares will correspond with mommy's tummy circumference. The guest with the closest guess will win a little prize… The stingy or chintzy toilet tissue takers will have little smiles on their faces as the generous toilet tissue takers are in the running for the prize!


5. Ribbon Guesser:

This baby shower game is played just like the toilet tissue version only using ribbon instead. To play this baby shower game you will pass around a roll of ribbon. Each guest will cut off as much ribbon as they feel will take to go once around mom's new belly. Record the length of ribbon each guest chose to cut off on a poster board. At the end of the party the host will take a measuring tape and measure mom-to-be’s tummy. The guest whose answer was closest, without going over, will win a nice party favor.


6. Poopie Surprise:

This is a great door prize baby shower game. To prepare for this game take a package of new disposable diapers and roll up each one into a ball and tab it, as if it has been soiled. In one of the diapers you will squirt mustard, or smear peanut butter, and roll it up like the others. Near the end of the party, place all of the rolled up diapers on the table and each guest will select one of them. At your signal have all of the guests open the diapers together. The guest with the "poopie" diaper will win the door prize!


7. Shake, Rattle & Guess:

What a simple baby shower game! Place 7 to 10 baby items in separate boxes. Make sure the boxes are slightly oversized so that the items can rattle around a bit. Wrap each of the boxes in colorful wrapping paper and number each box. Line the boxes up on the table. Guests have to shake each box and try to guess what baby item is inside. The guest who guesses the most items correctly wins a small token. Mom-to-be is presented with a lovely prize.


8. Can Dad Guess Who?

Here's a great baby shower game that can be played at a co-ed baby shower. Be sure to get the daddy-to-be involved in this one! This one requires lots of old clothes, towels, balloons, old t-shirts, etc. Each guest has to come up with a "fake" baby tummy, using the provided scrap materials. Everyone lines up along side the mom-to-be in no particular order. Dad is blindfolded and has to feel the tummies "fake" and real, then decide which one belongs to the actual mom-to-be. He gets one feel each, and the host should guide his hand a bit so that the guests don’t get too badly groped! This game is so hilarious… from the frantic "building of the bellies", to the hilarious blindfolded feeling… this game is sure to have them laughing outrageously!


9. What's In The Bag:

This is another of those really classic baby shower guessing games. What you need for this game is an oversized cloth bag, and 10-12 baby items. Examples might be a rattle, teething ring, baby block, thermometer, etc. Place all of the items in the cloth bag. To play the game each guest takes a turn inserting her hand into the cloth bag. Each guest gets 1 to 2 minutes to feel around the sack and try to identify as many of the objects in the sack as possible, without looking. The one who correctly identifies the most items in the sack wins a prize. This is a really simple baby shower game to play.


10. What Is That Smell?

I recently ran across this baby shower game on, and just had to include it here!

"Recently I played a game at a baby shower that a good friend put on for a mutual friend of ours. To play this game, she bought disposable diapers (size-small), and filled each with a particularly "smelly" food item. Next, she numbered each diaper and tied them up with a pretty pink ribbon, so that the contents couldn't be seen. Each guest got a small piece of paper, that we numbered 1-10. She laid the diapers on a tray, and each guest took turns sniffing the diapers. Then they wrote down what they thought was in each diaper corresponding to the number on their paper. She used several stinky things, like feta cheese, onions, raw broccoli, chocolate, lemons, blue cheese, sun dried tomatoes, red wine vinegar, tuna etc. It was the funniest thing I ever saw. It was hard for people to believe these were items that they actually eat! My friend kept offering to open the diaper for a taste test! It was gross, but so much fun! I recommend this game to any and all... The laughs are worth it! And of course, whoever guesses the most smells is the winner. The funniest part is the anticipation of what the next diaper will smell like, because some smells were fairly pleasant while others were absolutely STINKY!!!"


11. Dirty Diaper Lottery:

This baby shower game is a variation on the very popular dirty diaper game. To prepare for this game you will need to get small disposable diapers, and pink, blue, or yellow ribbon (depending on the sex of the baby if you know it). Next, place one unwrapped Hershey's Kiss in the center one of the diapers. Then fold the diaper and tie it with a ribbon. Finally, fold more diapers (without any chocolate kisses), and tie them off with ribbons as well. Make sure that you have enough folded diapers for everyone at the party to receive one. To play the game, pass out the diapers as the guests arrive. Toward the end of the party, have everyone unwrap their folded diapers. The guest with the Hershey's Kiss (dirty diaper), wins a little gift! Expect a lot of giggling and smiles for this baby shower game.


12. Pass The Tissue Please:

This is a neat little game to play at your next baby shower. Take sheets of tissue paper (the nose-blowing variety). Write a different baby item in pencil on each one. Examples are: rattle, teething ring, bottle, formula, etc. Then fold each of the tissues into quarters. Next, give each guest one of the folded tissue papers. Instruct them that you will do something with the tissues later during the party. Toward the end of the party announce that you want everyone to get out their folded tissues. By this time, of course, some folks have thrown theirs away, or forgotten them in some corner of the room. Ask the mom-to-be to say a baby item, whomever has the tissue with that baby item wins… The fun is seeing who threw theirs away, and what lengths they will go to in order to retrieve it!


13. Word Guesser:

This is a great icebreaker for your next baby shower. As your guests arrive, put a piece of masking tape with a baby related word on it on each person's back. Don’t let them see what the word is. The object of the game is to find out what word is taped to your back. The rules are, however, that you can only ask "Yes" and "No" questions. In other words the only answer folks are allowed to give you are "yes", and "no". They can't say anything else about your word. The guests mingle with each other and ask questions about their word, until they can guess the word. The first one to correctly guess the word on their back wins a special prize. You should continue the game to encourage folks to continue mingling. When the rest of your guests guess the words on their backs, they will receive a small party favor, as well. This game is great if many of the guests don't really know each other very well. It encourages conversation among people who might not have been inclined to talk otherwise.


14. Another Baby Food Game:

This baby shower game is really simple. To prepare for this game remove the labels from 20 baby food jars. With a permanent marker label the food jars 1-20. Create a master list of which numbers correspond to which baby foods. To play the game arrange the baby foods on a tray, and have your guests write down what they think each baby food is. The guest with the most correct answers wins!


15. Whose Face is Whose?

To prepare for this baby shower game you will need each guest to bring a baby photo of themselves with them. So, make sure that you mention this in your invitations, or the game will not work out. When the guests arrive take each person's baby photo. Place a large number with each picture. To number each photograph, you will take blank sheets of typing paper and number them boldly. Next, lay each photo down onto one of the numbered sheets (I don't suggest writing numbers on the photographs themselves because you will be returning these to their owners). Place these numbered sheets with photos around the room. To play the game, give each guest a pencil and paper. They will travel around the room attempting to guess whose baby photo is whose. I like this game because it gives the guests yet another opportunity to mingle a bit, in a structured way which helps to ease the tension. The guest who correctly guesses the most baby photographs is the winner! Again, this baby shower game takes a little preparation, but it is well worth the effort.

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