More Classic Baby Shower Games

More word baby shower games that allow you to take a break from the action games, but keep the party going.

So go ahead and...

Sharpen your pencils and your minds. Here are some of the very best word games for your baby shower.



Baby Care Relay Race:

To prepare for this baby shower game, try to find two life-sized baby dolls. Divide your guests into two teams. Each team will receive a baby doll and the same items to dress it with. Good examples of items are: booties, t-shirts, diapers, bonnets or caps, and one-piece outfits. To add a little fun you can even put scoops of peanut butter in all of the diapers so that teams will have to change "messy" diapers. You could even throw in a diaper or two with pea soup for an added "runny" surprise.

To start this baby shower game, have the babies dressed and across the room on a table. The first person on each team will cross the room and undress baby. The baby has had a "bowel movement", so the player has to clean up baby with a diaper wipe, place baby in the tub, sponge her off, and lay her on the table top. They return to the team and the next person in line will dry off baby, powder, diaper, dress baby, and pat once on bottom to ensure the "bowel movement" connects to baby. The next person in line crosses the room and removes baby's clothes again... And with that the diaper-changing cycle starts over. The first team to finish the rotation wins.



Diaper Derby:

This is a really fun baby shower game. To play, you will need a four-roll pack of toilet paper. Divide your baby shower guests into four teams. Each team receives one roll of toilet tissue. At the word "Go!" each group should dress one of their team members in a "diaper" made of only the toilet tissue. They are not allowed to use pins, or anything else to hold it together. New mommy gets to pick the best-diapered baby at the shower, and that whole team wins small party prizes. Needless to say, this baby shower game is usually accompanied by a lot of laughing and fun-having! 


3. The Tray Game:

To prepare for this baby shower game place a number of baby items on a tray. Usually about 15-20 items is best. Give every player a slip of paper and a pencil to record their answers. Slowly circle the room allowing each guest a chance to examine the items. Next, remove the tray from the room and see who can remember the most items in 2 minutes. The guest who remembers the most items correctly gets a little gift. Mom-to-be gets all of the items on the tray!


4. A Lovely Shower Journal:

This is not strictly speaking a baby shower game, but it is a wonderful way to record the well-wishes and sentiments of the guests at the party.

At the beginning of the shower, start passing around a journal. In it, ask people to write some advice for the new mother. Present this as a gift to her at the end of the shower. This works best for first time mommies. Also, it is helpful if you make a note on the shower invitation that this will be done. It gives the guests a chance to think of what they would like to write to the mother-to-be. The invitation might read "We will be making a special scrapbook at the shower full of advice for the mother-to-be. Please be thinking about words of wisdom you would like to share." 


5. Merry Multiples:

This is a fun baby shower game to play at a shower for those moms who are having multiples births. This game is very much like hot potato – only times two! You will need 2 baby dolls, and music that can be turned on and off. Designate a person to control the music.  Next, have your guests stand in a big circle. When the music starts, pass two baby dolls (or however many babies mom's expecting) around. Whenever the music stops, the people who are holding the dolls are out of the game. Pass the baby dolls in opposite directions, so that the game moves quickly and folks constantly have to pass a baby. When it comes to the last two people, use just one doll or you can have 2 winners! 


6. Baby Shower Game - Long Distance Shower Ideas:

This is a great idea to include family and friends who may live too far away to participate in a local baby shower.

When you send out the invitations for the baby shower, be sure to send invitations to relatives and friends that are far away as well. Give them a range of time to send in their gifts instead of the specific date and time of the baby shower. Mail them a baby shower game form along with the invitation and give them a due date to respond.  Include fun word games like: Guess the baby's birth weight, length, date and time; or Guess mother-to-be's belly circumference on the day of the shower; or other great Baby Shower Games found at this website.

During the shower video tape the games, and activities. After the shower is over send the long distance relatives a copy of the shower video along with a thank you card, and any party prizes their game answers may have won.


7. Yummy Diapers:

To prepare for this baby shower game, place one scoop ofRocky Road ice cream in each of several small diapers. Close the diapers neatly. Place the diapers on a tray, and place them in the freezer until the game is played.

When it is time to play this game, have the guests sit around a table facing each other. Place an ice-cream filled diaper in front of every player. Tell guests that they cannot touch diapers until the host gives the signal. At the word, "Go!" each guest opens their diaper, places their hands behind their backs, and begins to eat the ice-cream out of the diapers. Whoever eats all the ice cream first, must stand up and raise a hand. First one finished wins!


8. Can You Multi-Task?

To prepare for this baby shower game string a clothesline across the room. Have each guest take a turn hanging up clothes while talking on a cordless phone, and holding the baby at the same time! Time everyone to see who is the fastest "multi-tasker". The fastest player wins.


9. Balloon Name Popper:

For this baby shower game you will need lots of balloons. On small slips of paper write down some baby names (one name on each slip). On one slip of paper you will write down the actual name that your mom-to-be has chosen for her baby. Blow up the balloons and insert a single name slip into each one. Also insert the one chosen name slip into a very special balloon and blow it up. Place the balloons all over the area where you are having the shower. Each guest has to try and find the one balloon that has the chosen name in it. The only rule is that they have to bust the balloons by sitting on them one at a time. The players call out the names found in their popped balloons as they go along. Mom-to-be says either "Not the name" or "You've got it". The player to find the chosen name is the winner.


10. Bath Towel Memories:

To prepare for this next great baby shower game (not strictly a game but a very touching sentiment), buy a large hooded bath towel for baby. White towels are best. Purchase non-toxic fabric paint or markers in assorted pastel colors. As each guest arrives have them "autograph" the towel with the paint or markers.  Guests may want to even write a poem or touching sentiment.  At end of the baby shower present Mommy with the autographed towel.


11. Jelly Beans In A Bottle:

To get ready for this baby shower game, fill a baby bottle with little jelly beans, or another small candy. During the baby shower, show the guests the candy-filled baby bottle. Have each guest write down a guess for how many beans are in the baby bottle. The guest that comes closest to the actual number - without going over - wins the jelly bean bottle.

You can also play this baby shower game by having people guess which color of jelly bean is Mom-to-be's favorite, and how many candies of that color are in the jar. This way you can have several winners (each guessing a different color of jelly bean and its total in the bottle). The winners would each get their own jelly bean filled bottle as a prize!


12. Q-tips In A Jar:

Another baby shower game that is similar to the jelly bean version is Q-tips In A Jar. To prepare, place Q-tips in a jar - use the colored Q-tips if you can find them. During the shower, have your guests write down a guess for how many Q-tips are in the jar. The person with the closet answer not going over wins. You can even fill the jar with multiple colors of Q-tips and have guests guess how many of each color are in the jar.


13. Baby Stuff In The Bag:

To play this baby shower game, first place 10-15 commonly used baby items in a large paper bag. Give each guest a pen and a sheet of paper. Let each guest stick their hand in the bag, touching the items, without looking. After each guest has had their turn, let them write down as many items as they can remember on a sheet of paper. The guest with the most correct answers wins!


14. Mommy's Tummy:

For this baby shower game, you give each guest a piece of drawing paper. Have Mom-to-be stand up so everyone can get a look at her profile. Have everyone take their paper, fold it in half, and put it behind their backs. Using only their hands everyone must tear out what they perceive as Mom-to-be's belly shape. When everyone is done, have them open up their collages. The best one is picked by the guest of honor.


15. The Winning Plate:

To get ready for this baby shower game, take the paper plates that the food will be served on, and draw a picture of a baby on only one of the plates. When everyone is eating ask them to look under their plates for the picture of the baby. The one with the

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