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Baby shower games that put you and your guests in motion... Try these great games that require a little more than just sitting down.

These great baby shower games shouldn't be too much for mommy. And if they are, then she can just watch and enjoy!

Print out and play the baby shower games below.




Baby Bottle Bowling:

This is an active baby shower game. To prepare, fill ten baby bottles with sand (flour, laundry detergent, or cornmeal will do just fine). Set the bottles up in the room using the traditional ten-pin arrangement:

baby bowling set up

Give guests a small ball – like a tennis ball, and have them try to knock down all 10 bottles. The person with the best score wins a small prize. To add variety, have the guests guess how many bottles mom-to-be will knock over. The person(s) who guesses closest to her actual score wins a small prize.



Stuffed Shirt Race:

This is a hilarious baby shower game. Find two, extra-large t-shirts. Blow up a few dozen small balloons – making sure that the balloons are not too full (or they might pop when you play the game). Divide the guests into 2 groups. To play the game have one member from each team put on an overlarge t-shirt. The remaining team-members stuff balloons into the t-shirt, and count as they go. When no more balloons will fit into the t-shirt, record the score (each balloons is worth 1 point). Switch players, and repeat until everyone has taken a turn wearing the t-shirt. Record all scores as you go along.

When a team calls out finished, all balloon-stuffing ceases, and balloons are totaled. The group that finishes first gets an added point for each of its team members. The team with the most points wins!

Note - To make the game fair, put an equal number of large and small people on each team.


3. First Born - Version 1:

For this baby shower game you will need little baby doll figurines. You can buy these at a party supply store, or the local five-and-dime store. They should be about 1” long. Put one little doll into each little cup on a large ice cube tray. Fill the trays with water and freeze.

To play the game give each of your guest a little frozen baby doll in a paper cup. Instruct them that the first guest to give birth to her baby will win. The baby has to be fully ice free, and guests can only use their hands… Oh, and microwave ovens are off limits!


4. First Born - Version 2:

Just like in First Born – Version 1 you will need little baby doll figurines for this baby shower game. However, in addition you will also need plastic Easter eggs.

To prepare, place a plastic baby figurine inside each Easter egg. Next, fill each egg as full of water as you can (a little tricky – but do your best), and freeze them overnight. Take the frozen eggs out right before you play the game. To play, give each guest a frozen egg. On the count of three, the guests start melting the ice around their "baby", using only their hands.  Give guests paper towels to soak up the water. The first guest to completely free their baby of the surrounding ice wins...

Note: Microwave ovens are off limits!


5. Distractions:

Divide your baby shower guests into 2 teams (one team sits on one couch, the second team sits on another couch). Next, give both teams an identical "To Do List" - a series of challenges to complete (diapering the baby, folding laundry, vacuuming…). Make sure you have 2 sets of props for each  task. Then devise a set of distractions – such as the phone is ringing, or dinner is burning. Have the distraction props available as well during the game.

To play the game every team member has to take turns completing the "To Do List" while the host calls out the distractions. The winning team is the first one to have each member complete the list, and sit back down on their team couch!


6. Diapering Race - Version 1:

This is a really fun baby shower game for you. To prepare for this game obtain 2 life-sized baby dolls (or 2 medium-sized teddy bears). You will also need: 2 blindfolds (handkerchiefs should do just fine), and 2 disposable diapers with the Velcro-like tabs.

To play this game, divide the guests into two teams. Each team will line up in front of their diaper changing area. One person from each team is blindfolded. On the count of three each blindfolded team member will begin to diaper their "baby". Put as many steps in the diapering process as you want. The more diapering steps you add, the more challenging the race will be.

When the first person on each team finishes diapering their respective "baby", then they remove the blindfold and assist the next member on with the blindfold. The next person in line diapers the "baby" and so on. The first team to have all its members finish taking turns diapering the "baby", wins. Pass out small party gifts to the winning team members. Better still, mom-to-be receives a fabulous baby gift on behalf of the winning team!


7. Diapering Race - Version 2:

Another version of the "Diapering Race" is to blindfold everyone and have them each sit on the floor and diaper and dress a baby doll. Make sure you have enough dolls and diapering supplies for each person to have their own. The first one finished with all of the individual steps - which you instruct at the beginning of the race - wins a party favor.


8. Whose Your Baby?

This is an absolutely hilarious game, particularly for a couple’s baby shower! To play this game, have all of your guests pair up. Next, have one partner act as the "parent", while the other partner is the "baby". The goal is to see which couple can feed an entire jar of baby food to "baby" the fastest…

Sounds easy, right? Not so fast...

The rules are: 1) you must use baby spoons to get the job done, 2) the "parents" have to use their mouths to hold the baby spoons (no hands allowed), and 3) to begin, each "baby" has to wear a baby bib - which the parent must put onto "baby" before the feeding.

Make sure to have a camera ready… This baby shower game is priceless!


9. Balloon Race:

To prepare for this baby shower game, write different actions on small pieces of paper. Good examples of actions are, "Eat a jar of baby food", or "Drink soda from a baby bottle". Try to come up with 10 different actions. Next, insert the actions into deflated balloons, and then blow the balloons up. Take a long length of string and tie each balloon to the string. Space the balloons about 1-foot apart along the length of string. Make two of these balloon strings – one for team#1, and another for team#2. Tape the balloon strings down to the floor parallel to each other. Make sure you have the "actions" set up on a table at the opposite end of the room.

To play the game, divide your guests into two teams. Blindfold one member of each team. On the count of 3, the blindfolded members of each team will feel their way to the first balloon along their team string. They have to pop the balloon and find the message inside. Next, they bring the message back to their team, and have their blindfolds removed. The next team members in line will perform the task (on the table at the opposite end of the room) and then come back to be blindfolded and pop the next balloon in line. Keep going until all of the balloons have been popped and actions performed. The first team to finish wins!

This baby shower game is just good old-fashioned fun… Your guests will totally get into to it!


10. Burnin' Baby:

This baby shower game is played the same as the traditional hot potato game, only using a baby doll or stuffed animal as the "potato".

Play really fast, party music and begin passing the doll around. When the music stops whoever is holding the doll is out. Continue playing until only one person remains. Last person in the game wins. Another great way to play the game is to make the person who is left holding the doll when the music stops, give baby advice, or well-wishes to the parents-to-be.


11. Pack It In!

This is a really fun baby shower game to see who is the fastest packer in the West!... or at least at the party…

To prepare, pack a baby bag as full of necessary baby items as you can (I mean really stuff it in there). Make note of how you packed the bag. Take everything out and lay everything around the diaper bag in random order. Have guests compete to see who can re-pack the diaper bag the quickest. Remember, that all items have to fit into the bag!


12. Don't Drop Baby:

This is a great outdoor game, for your summer or spring baby shower.

Fill up small balloons with water. Have several balloons for each guest. Have your guests pick partners. Next, partners take turns tossing the water balloons back and forth trying not to drop them. Prizes goes to the couple who tosses the longest time without dropping all of their "babies".

This baby shower game is really great for a couple's party.


13. Pacifier Passing Game:

Trust me this baby shower game is actually a lot of fun.

Each guest gets a new unsharpened pencil. To play the game, divide the guests into two teams. Line each team up in two parallel rows. Have guests put the pencils in their mouth, and place their hands behind their backs. Place a pacifier - the kind with the ring opposite the nipple – onto each of the first player’s pencils. At the count of three, the two teams start passing the pacifier along the pencils from person to person down the line. The first team to finish passing the pacifier down the line wins!

Just remember – NO HANDS. If a person drops the pacifier, then they have to pick it up and continue going.


14. Baby Machine:

This baby shower game is a spin on the classic party game that I think works nicely for baby showers.

To begin everyone forms a circle. One person goes to the center of the circle and makes a single baby sound and invents a motion to match it. For instance, a guest might say, "Goo-goo-ga-ga", and she might drill her index finger into her cheek. Just be sure to pick activities that would be easy to do for a long period of time. The next person comes up and chooses an interconnecting movement with the first person and makes a matching sound. Let's say she comes up behind her and pretends to tickle the first person's stomach while they say "Look at widdle baby!" Then another person comes up and does an interconnecting motion and makes a sound.

When all of the participants are doing this, someone can direct them to go faster, slower, louder, softer, and finally make them break down.  The fun is in catching it all on camera… So be ready!


15. Baby Charades:

A big party favorite, Charades can be adapted to a baby shower easily. Write down baby-themed actions. Examples are: changing a diaper, burping a baby, baby’s first doctor’s visit, etc. Write them out on small slips of paper. Fold and place these slips into a bag. Guests then take turns drawing a slip out of the bag. They act out the action and the rest of the group tries of guess what the action is. Definitely, have a camera ready because someone is sure to ham it for this classic baby shower game.

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