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More active baby shower games to get your party in motion...

Again, don't worry that these great baby shower games might be too much for mom-to-be. Just give her the seat of honor and allow her to watch and enjoy!

Print out and play the baby shower games below.


16.Soap Carving Contest:

This is a simple baby shower activity that will get those creative juices flowing.

Give each of your guests a small bar of soap, and a butter knife (anything sharper might be dangerous). Have the guests do their best to carve a baby out of the soap bar… Mom-to-be is the judge for the most creative baby carving. This activity works equally well with clay. Just have each guest mold a baby with clay. When they harden, the mom-to-be has adorable keepsakes from her baby’s shower!


17. Baby Shower Scavenger Hunt:

A simple yet super fun baby shower game to play is a good-old-fashioned scavenger hunt.

To prepare for this game make up a list of baby items for your guests to find. Then take the items and hide them around the house. Pass out copies of the list to all of your guests as they arrive. Give your guests some time during the party to search for all of the items on their lists. The first person to find and return all the items wins. Your guest of honor gets all of the baby items at the end of the baby shower game.


18. Baby Bottle Pass:

This is another person to person passing game. The object is to pass a baby bottle around the room – WITHOUT USING HANDS – with the bottle under their chins or between their knees. You can divide the guests into teams, and line them up. The first team to successfully pass the bottle down the line, without dropping it wins. If a team member drops it, you start over from the first person in line.


19. Don't Drop Baby (2):

Give each guest a water balloon, and have them place the balloon between their knees. Pair guests into teams if desired. Have the guests run or walk without dropping their water balloon. Once a balloon is dropped, that player/team is out of the game.


20. Baby Shower Musical Chairs:

Get creative and play musical chairs to baby music at your next baby shower! To prepare you will need to get a copy of baby music, and have a tape player ready to go. Set up one fewer chairs than the number of guests present. Arrange the chairs in the center of the room. Have guests walk in a circle around the chairs while you play the music. When the music stops, guests have to sit down in a chair. The person left standing is out.

Remove one chair after each round and continue playing until only one person is left sitting. This guest wins and gets a nice party prize!


21. Daddy's Baby:

This is a cute baby shower game that really requires a camera. Appoint the father-to-be as the "baby". Have your guests take turns performing actions such as dressing, feeding, or burping the baby on him. Again, don’t be caught without a camera for this activity.


22. Melon Babies:

This is a super cute baby shower game for those summer months.

Purchase enough watermelons for each guest or per team. Make sure you have supplies to decorate the watermelons – such as markers, tape, glue, paper, scissors, fake hair, etc. Have guests decorate their melons to resemble babies. Mom-to-be gets to decide which "baby" she likes best. Toward the end of the party, award prizes for various watermelon categories (i.e. the most intriguing, the ugliest, the cutest, the most likely to succeed, etc.) Make your categories amusing and funny. Give out parting gifts to your guests as well as little certificates of appreciation…

Each guest also gets to keep his/her watermelon baby. Just be sure and take a "family portrait" photograph of them lined up in row.


23. Bobbing For Pacifiers:

Okay, it is not the most sanitary baby shower game around. But, for a small group of relatively healthy folks, the risks are minimal! To prepare, fill a large container with water or a substance such as pudding, or cooked oatmeal. Place several pacifiers inside the water or mixture. Have guests try to retrieve as many as possible with their mouths. No hands are allowed!


24. Pass The Parcel - Musical IOU's:

This baby shower game is a version of musical chairs that new parents love.  To prepare for this baby shower game decide on a list of IOU’s that folks who are invited to the party might give to the new mother and father. Good examples are chores around the house, shopping for the new parents, cooking for the new parents, cleaning for the new parents, yard and garden work for the new parents, baby sitting older children, etc.  If this is not a surprise baby shower you might even have the parents-to-be provide you with a list a few things that they would not mind having others do for them. Next, write the IOU’s on individual slips of paper.

To prepare the parcel, place a slip of paper inside a small box and wrap the box in colorful wrapping paper. Then take the wrapped box and place it inside another box with a second IOU and wrap it. Keep going, placing box inside box and adding the IOU’s.

To play the game, turn on music and have your guests sit in a circle chairs and pass the parcel. When the music stops the person holding the parcel opens a layer, and reads out loud the IOU found in the outermost layer. They agree to provide that service (IOU) at some later date and then leave the circle and the play resumes. Play until every guest or couple receives an IOU.


25. Pass The Parcel (2):

This baby shower game is very silly and will definitely turn the mood light and merry!

To prepare for this game come up with a list silly actions. Good examples might be, to drink juice from a baby bottle, or eat baby food, crawl on all fours around the circle, suck your thumb, or even to wear a diaper as a hat for the duration of the game, etc… Write each silly action on a little slip of paper. Also write the winner on a few slips of paper as well.

To prepare the parcel, place one of the slips of paper inside a small box and wrap the box in colorful wrapping paper. Then take the wrapped box and place it inside another box with a second slip of paper and wrap it. Keep going, placing box inside box and adding slips with silly instructions at every level. Mix the "winner" slips in as well.

To play the baby shower game, have your guests sit in a circle of chairs and pass the parcel to music that you control. When the music is turned on the parcel keeps passing between guests. When it stops the guest holding the parcel has to open a layer of the parcel and perform a silly task in front of the group. When a person gets a slip of paper that says "winner", that person receives a small party favor instead of having to perform a silly instruction. Once a guest has opened a layer of the parcel, they are removed from the circle and the play resumes with the remaining guests.


26. Make a Play-Dough Baby Race:

This baby shower game gets those creative juices flowing.

To play this game every guest gets a few toothpicks, and several golf-ball sized chunks of play-dough, each in different colors. Give every one 15- 30 minutes to sculpt a baby figurine. Instruct all guests that they should try to make their baby figurines as nice as they can, because all the figurines will become keepsakes for the mom-to-be. After the time limit, the mom-to-be selects the figurine that is the most striking, or creative to her, and that "artist" receives a nice party favor for his or her efforts.

However, once the play-dough hardens, all of the figurines will be treasures of affection that mom-to-be will keep as souvenirs.


27. Head-Draw Race - Version 1:

This baby shower game is super funny to watch. Pass out books, paper, and pencils to each guest. The mom-to-be chooses an object to draw (i.e. teddy bear, doll, baby, etc.). All of the guests then place the books on their heads along with a sheet of drawing paper on top. At the word, "Go!" each of the guests then tries to draw the object the mom has called out, for 1 minute. Mom-to-be chooses the best looking drawing… or the worst one, for a special prize.


28. Head-Draw Race - Version 2:

Another version of the head draw race is to use paper plates and crayons in place of the book, paper, and pencil method. The game is played exactly as the other version. At the word "Go!" each of the guests tries to draw an object (i.e. baby’s face) for 1 minute. The mom-to-be chooses the best looking drawing… or the worst one, for a special prize.


29. Diaper Toss:

Get those guests moving with this baby shower game! To prepare, have a pail set in a corner of the room. Pour water into several disposable diapers and tape them up into balls. To play this game, have guest take turns at trying to toss 10 diapers into the pail from a distance.  Increase the distance to make it more challenging.  The guests with the most "baskets" will have a toss-off at the end of the party. Keep increasing the distance until someone wins. There is a "draw" if the distance becomes too ridiculous. The winner receives a lovely party favor for their efforts.


30. Baby Food Taste-a-Thon:

This is a classic baby shower game that never gets dull.

Pass around paper plates, pencils and small slips of paper. Make sure each guest gets one of each. The host of the party takes food from one unmarked baby food jar and gives each guest a small dab to sample.  The guests then taste the baby food and write down what she/he thinks it may be. The host then repeats this with another unmarked baby food jar. The guests write down what they believe the second food is, and so on. Try to taste test at least ten baby foods. The guest that guesses the most baby foods correctly out of ten will win a small token…

Another way to treat the winner is to have the winner present the mom-to-be with her baby shower gift – which the new mom then opens in front of the group at the game's end.

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