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Word Baby Shower Games that will get those brains working...

Let's not even mention the great fun that these word games inspire!

The following baby shower games and activities willreally add flavor to your gathering.



TV Babies:

For this baby shower game you will give your guests a list of television shows that have children in starring roles. The goal is for the guests to list as many of the children’s character names as possible.  The guests who list the most TV children accurately will win a special favor.  Some examples of television shows with children in them are: Rosanne, Full House, Family Matters, Little House on The Prairie, the Cosby Show, The Rug Rats, etc… Think of as many television shows featuring kids as possible, make sure you use extremely popular television shows to make it easy, and a few not so popular ones to add a little challenge.




This baby shower game is a great word-type game that will give guests an opportunity to sit down and truly enjoy the party.

To play give guests a minute or two to name as many things in a certain category as possible (ie: 2 minutes to write down baby names beginning with C). You can divide your guests into teams. The team with the most answers in a category wins a point. The team with the most over-all points wins the game.


3. Baby Name Brainstorm:

This really fun baby shower game may give the parents-to-be some creative possibilities for their baby's name. To play this game, during the party at some point set up blank poster boards and have all your guests gather around. Tell them that everyone is going to help the new mom and dad by brainstorming baby names in several categories. Your selected categories might be Biblical Names, Popular Names, Medieval Sounding Names, Car Names For Girls, Car Names for Boys, etc. 

Try to make the categories increasingly silly as you go along. After all, chances are the new parents-to-be already have their favorite baby names picked out… So this is really an opportunity for some outlandish fun. Have your guests spontaneously call out names for each category while you quickly write them all down. Instruct them not to self-edit, you definitely want their funniest answers. Parent-to-be can keep the poster boards as souvenirs… or not. The key here is to have fun with it.


4. Folded Paper Quizzer:

To prepare for this baby shower game, fold regular pieces of paper in half, one per guest. Have each guest write one baby question on one side of the paper. Good examples are: "How do you test to see if formula is too hot?", or "What do you do if baby has a fever?", etc. After everyone is done writing ONLY their question, have everyone fold the paper so that the question is hidden. Have guests get into a circle. Now folks must pass their folded papers to the right.

Once the questions have been passed, instruct guests to write the answer to their own question on the outside of the paper they currently have. Tell guests that they cannot look inside their paper to see what the actual question is.

After everyone is done writing, have them open up their papers to reveal the question inside, then read the question AND answer aloud to the room. You will most likely get some hilarious results... This is a really fun baby shower game!


5. Baby Categories:

Try this great baby shower game at your next party. What you need for this game is a poster board or flip chart, sheets of paper, and pencils. On the poster board, write several baby categories along the left-hand side. Write the mom's initials across the top of the poster board. Your poster board will look something like this:

Baby Categories Example

The guests then copy down what is written on the poster board onto their individual sheets of paper. Next tell everyone to use the given initials to fill in each listed baby category. So, each baby category should have three answers, corresponding to the initials in mom-to-be's name. The most important rule is that all answers must be baby-related. You also may not use the same answer twice. If there is an argument about whether or not a particular answer is acceptable, the group decides. One point is given for every acceptable answer. The guest with the most points wins a party favor.

You can also play this game as a group challenge on the poster board itself. If you can fill out the entire poster board, then the guest of honor will get a very nice gift… She will get the gift either way, but give them that extra incentive to play the game as creatively as they possibly can!


6. Acronym Answers:

This is a great baby shower game. I like to use it to hand out party favors in a round circle at the end of a party.

First come up with a series of random letters (ECBDMH, for instance). Then have guests come up with acronyms for those letters – such as Every Cute Baby Deserves More Hugs. At the beginning of the party tell guests that they will need to come up with the acronym by the end of the party. Tell them that they can help each other, however, every one must have a unique one of their own. This is a great way to encourage the guests to mingle throughout the party. At the end of the party everyone gets to say their acronym aloud and receives a little prize for it.


7. Name That Baby:

This is another one of those classic baby shower games. First you make a list of animals with a line beside each of them for participants to write down the answer. The object is to list an animal baby for each animal.

  1. elephant - calf
  2. lion - cub
  3. deer - fawn
  4. swan - cygnet
  5. rabbit - kit
  6. zebra - colt
  7. giraffe - calf
  8. horse - foal
  9. cat - kitten
  10. pig - piglet
  11. seal - pup
  12. cow - calf
  13. goose - gosling
  14. kangaroo - joey
  15. penguin - chick
  16. duck - duckling
  17. goat - kid
  18. dog - puppy
  19. insect - larva

Answers can be used more than once. For a nice variation that might be a little more challenging for your guests, you could play "Name That Mommy"listing all of the babies first. Then you would have guests pair them with the appropriate adult animal name.


8. Baby Shower Mad-Libs:

This is a classic baby shower game that plays on words wonderfully!

First, create a silly story about the parents-to-be and baby. If you have trouble coming up with something interesting, then turn to your favorite magazines, or newspapers for inspiration. Remove random words from the story. Your guests will replace the random words that you removed with words of their own. Only they won't get to hear the story until they have selected words for all of the blanks. To have them select words, ask them for the parts of a sentence that correspond with the removed words. For instance, a verb replaces a verb, a noun replaces a noun, and so on. After the story is filled in with the new words, then read the story aloud. These stories can be very funny, so I suggest saving them in your scrap book after the party!


9. Memory:

This is an old fashioned game that works really well as a baby shower game. You begin by saying, "I am taking baby on a trip and I am bringing…" then you name a baby item that begins with A, like applesauce.

The next person in line repeats what the first person said, and adds a B item – "I am taking baby on a trip and I am bringing applesauce and a bottle…" The play continues through the alphabet in this manner.

If a guest cannot remember all of the previous items, or cannot think of a word for their letter, then they are out of the game. This game can get very challenging the further into the game that you get. The last person in the game gets a lovely baby shower favor.


10. Baby Inventions:

To play this baby shower game, divide guests into groups and have them invent (on paper) a new baby product. Mom to be decides which prize would be most useful to her. The most useful or creative prize wins! Hint- Make sure you give the teams plenty of poster board, and drawing supplies so that they can create pictures of their inventions as well.


11. Another Name Game:

This baby shower game is another way to play the name game at your shower. Have guests try and come up with the most baby names from the following phrase: Thank you for coming to our baby shower today. Or you can have guests form words out of the phrase instead of baby names. You can also use mom and dad's full names in place of the phrase.


12. Just Like Candy:

This baby shower game is really cute. It is a word game that requires just a little preparation.

To prepare for this game think of pregnancy, birth, and general baby-related words. Write them all down. Good examples are contractions,umbilical cord, etc. Next, use a word processor to list your chosen words on a single sheet of paper. Leave space between each word for the written answers. To play the game your guest will have to try to come up with the name of a candy that matches the pregnancy word. Example: contractions = Fire balls; umbilical cord = Twizzlers… and so forth. The guest with the most answers on her sheet wins a party favor.

Another way to play this game would be to have a poster board set up and have guests spontaneously call out answers… the funnier the better!


13. What You Need To Know Trivia:

What a great way to help educate the crowd and parents to be... Have a trivia contest! Only this trivia contest will consist of baby facts, safety items, and post partum health information. Remember after you ask a question be sure to provide a complete explanation as to why or why not something is true. This helps to educate family and friends, and can open up important discussions. This baby shower game is particularly nice for first time parents.


14. Pacifier Trivia:

This baby shower game is a really neat way to hand out party favors to all of your guests. To prepare for this game you will need three different colors of construction paper (i.e. blue, pink and yellow). Next stencil a pacifier shape onto the construction paper and cut them out. Make sure you have cut-out pacifiers in 3 different colors. Use glue, glitter, bits of pipe cleaner, and short lengths of ribbon to decorate your pacifiers and make them special. Once the pacifiers are all finished, and completely dry, place them in a cloth bag.

To play have each of your guest select a single pacifier from the bag. Each pacifier color will correspond with a category of trivia question. For instance, your categories might be: Cartoon Trivia, Famous Baby Trivia, or Pregnancy Facts Trivia. Ask the guest a trivia question. Be sure to make your question relatively easy to answer. For a correct answer, the guest will receive a nice prize. An incorrect answer will receive a consolation prize. Remember the idea is to send your guests home with some token from the baby shower... So, keep the mood light and entertaining!


15. Nursery Rhyme Trivia:

To play this baby shower game, have guests answer trivia questions about popular nursery rhymes such as "When did the mouse run down the clock?", or "What did Jack-Be-Nimble jump over?", etc.

You can make this a team game by dividing your guests into two teams. Then line the teams up at a card table or kitchen table. Put one playing card down on the table and read a question to the two players at the front of each line. After the question is read, the first team player to slap the playing card can answer the question and receive 1 team point. The next two players in line advance to the front and are asked another question. Play continues in this fashion until all questions have been asked. The team with the highest point total wins!

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