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More word baby shower games that allow you to take a break from the action games, but keep the party going.

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Sharpen your pencils and your minds. Here are some of the very best word games for your baby shower.


16.Is The Baby Product Fake or Real?

This baby shower game is kind of like playing True or False. To prepare come up with a list of real baby products. Next, create a list of fake products. For each of your real products create a description that includes how it looks, works, feels, tastes, its price, etc. Create similar descriptions for the fake products as well. The idea is to pick real baby products that are somewhat wacky, and create fake products that are very believable. This can really confuse guests and stir-up a lot of hilarity and fun! Have guests determine if each product is real, or imaginary.

To play this game in teams, divide your product description cards (with answers on the back) into two equal piles. Next, divide guests into two teams. Each team will ask the other to determine whether its products are real or imaginary. If the team receiving the question guesses correctly then that team earns 1 point. If they guess incorrectly, then the asking team receives 1 point. The team with the most points wins!


17.Baby Shower Fortune Teller:

This is a really great baby shower game. To make it humorous, do not reveal to guests that they are choosing predictions about the baby. Simply ask them to name a color, number, occupation, etc. Then fill in the blanks mad lib style. When you are done asking for answers, then reveal the questions: "What will the baby’s birth weight be?", "What will the baby's hair color be?", etc.


18. Letter To Baby:

This is a really touching baby shower game that requires a little preparation. Your guests are going to write a letter to the baby. All letters will be saved in a scrapbook so that mom and baby can read them later. To prepare for this activity, make sure that your guests know to come prepared to do this writing. They can either come with pre-written letters or just have their thoughts collected. Next, make sure you have plenty of scrapbook supplies available. Each guest will get a page of the scrapbook to decorate, attach their letter to, and sign. Be sure to photograph each guest individually, so that you can put their picture next to their letter in the scrapbook.


19. Famous Mommy Trivia:

To prepare for this baby shower game select several famous mothers (can be real or fictional). Next, write a statement that each of the famous mothers would be able to say about herself. For instance, "I have so many children I don’t know what to do…" = The old woman that lived in a shoe, or "My 3 daughters all had hair of gold, like me…" = Carol Brady. To play this game in teams, divide your guests. Then have each team line up. The two players at the front of each line will have slap a card to answer the question. The first person to slap the card gets to answer for her team and receives one team point. The team with the most points wins. Be sure to create quite a few statements to keep the game going!


20. Baby Categories:

This is a great team baby shower game that can get the party juices going! To prepare, write out several scrambled popular baby names on a poster board. Some suggestions are:


Emily – limey


Madison – amsindo


Hailey – yalehi


Kaitlyn – anykilt


Hannah – ahhnna

Divide the guests into teams. Position each team so that they will be able to see the scrambled names on the poster board but cannot see each other’s answers. Do not allow either team to see your scrambled names until the game begins. On the count of three reveal the scrambled names and have the teams start to decode them. The first team finished unscrambling all of the names wins!


21. Word Taboo:

This has become a really popular baby shower game that encourages folks to mingle. To play the game each guest is given an item that clips to their collar (I have seen many hosts use the plastic hair clamps that you can get at the dollar store – try flowery ones, or any variety with lots of color). These are usually given when guests first arrive. Choose a taboo word, and tell each arriving guest what the word is. Explain that if they catch anyone using the taboo word, they are to get the hair clip of the person that used the word. As the guests mingle they listen for others to use the taboo word, while trying avoid the word themselves. Whoever has the most pins at the end of the baby shower is the winner and receives a nice party token.


22. True or False:

This is another one of those classic baby shower games.

Come up with a list of things that happened to either mom or dad-to-be (ie : broke their leg, had the measles, was on the debate team, had Kermit the frog sheets) and have guests determine if each event is false or true. Prize awarded to the player with the most correct answers.


23. I Remember When...

This is a great way to create scrapbook memories of the baby shower you are hosting. Have guests write their own life stories for baby. Encourage guests to write about accomplishments, touching moments, or other high points in life that will encourage both mom and baby. Save them in the baby's scrapbook to read later. Just be sure to warn guests in the invitation that you will be doing this, so that they can come with their stories pre-written. In that case, you can make the pasting of the stories into the scrapbook an activity during the shower. Each person will be given a page from the scrapbook and have access to crafting supplies to decorate it.


24. Momma Quizzer:

For this baby shower game you will need to ask mommy to give you interesting information about herself - about 20 different things. For instance, she might tell you where she was born, birth date, birth place, her favorite color, her favorite toy as a child, etc. Then you take this information and form 20 quiz questions. To play the game, ask the guests each of your 20 questions. Have the guests shout out the answers. Mom-to-be says weather the given answer is either "correct", or "incorrect", and she supplies the correct answers where needed. This is a really fun game where people always find out interesting things about mom… Sometimes guests even call out for demonstrations which may or may not be forthcoming from mom!


25. Baby Shower Whispers:

To play this baby shower game have the person sitting next to mom-to-be whisper a bit of baby advice in the ear of the person sitting on the other side of her (not the mom-to-be). Have each person continue to whisper the advice to each other until it gets back around to mom, and have her say the advice she heard out loud. The purpose to this baby shower game is that many times people will not hear the phrase correctly or forget before they pass it on, and by the time it gets to mom its completely jumbled up. Longer phrases work better as they are easier to get wrong. It's all a lot of fun!


26. Baby Shower Bingo:

Play this baby shower game just like regular bingo with the exception that you will substitute a new made-up word for Bingo. Instead of calling out Bingo! guests will call out Storko!, or Burpo!, or Binki-yo!… It's great fun. And, should someone forget and call "Bingo!" you might have them perform a fun little chore - like eating a jar of baby food, or drinking from a baby bottle – in addition to receiving their prize.


27. Couple Tell-All:

This is a really great baby shower game for a mixed crowd. Quiz the guests about the parents-to-be and their most special moments. Closest friends will have an advantage, but everyone will know mom and dad a little better after the quiz is done. Good examples of questions are: "Where did they meet?", "What are their pet names for each other?", etc. Award a prize to the guest with the most correct answers.


28. Nursery Rhyme Matcher:

To prepare for this baby shower game on a piece of paper type one line from a nursery rhyme. Make sure that the line is not easy to recognize (i.e.  "like a diamond" = twinkle little star, or "to see such sport" = Hey Diddle, Diddle). Type a space next to the quotation, for filling in the nursery rhyme title. Type several of these nursery rhyme quotations down the page. Make copies of the sheet so that every guest will have one.

To play this baby shower game be sure to pass out pencils, and copies of your sheet during the party. Whoever correctly guesses the most rhyme titles wins!


29. A Baby's Story:

This is a really fun baby shower game where you should make an effort to create a written copy.

To begin have one person start a story (or start it yourself), such as, "Once upon a time, a very sweet little baby was born…" and go around the room having guests add a bit to the story. To give some inspiration to your guests instruct them to think of every wonderful thing that they wish would happen to the baby (including exciting things that they regret not having done themselves). Have someone write the story down as you go along, or tape record it and type it later for the baby shower scrapbook.


30. Baby Songs & Movies:

This baby shower game can be played in teams. Give the teams a set amount of time to name as many songs or movies with the word, "Baby" in the title. The team with the most legitimate answers wins.

Another way to play this baby shower game would be to write out a line (or play a snippet) from popular children's songs. Have guests guess which song they are from. The player with the most correct answers wins.

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